Hollow Knight Arrives at Nintendo Switch, But Cancels its Version of Wii U

Hollow Knight

The creators of the up-and-coming Hollow Knight have announced that this 2D platform and action adventure, backed up successfully by Kickstarter, will be released on the Nintendo Switch on a date yet to be specified. The bad new? That Wii U users will be left without enjoying this video game.

“We’ve had a long talk with Nintendo following their recent announcements and we can announce that Hollow Knight is going to hit Switch,” reports Team Cherry. “These are happy and sad news at the same time,” they added in connection with the announcement. “This is not a decision we have made lightly.”

“Although we would like to see the game on our favorite console, we feel that these differences in quality would be such that Wii U users would feel they are enjoying a smaller version of the video game. ”

You’ll have to explore the vast interconnected world of Hallownest. A mysterious evil reigns with strange creatures corrupted by a honeyed poison oozing from the ground. You will direct a traveler named Hollow Knight to explore this rundown realm, face the riddles, insect creatures, having the ability to climb the walls to get high and then kill the creatures with your faithful sword.

Particularity of the game, defeated enemies leave behind Geo, fossils to exchange for new objects and shortcuts, as well as a mysterious energy to use to revitalize your tired body or to channel for new and powerful skills. If you lose a fight, your shadow will remain where you fell: to recover your wealth, you will have to find and defeat it.

Those who will eventually finance Hollow Knight, with a view to receive the game on Wii U, will be able to opt for the PC version or the Nintendo Switch. The video game will debut during 2017, first in compatible, and then in the rest of platforms.


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