‘Hollow Knight’ has release date for PC and MAC

The independent studio Team Cherry recently shared a new trailer for ‘Hollow Knight’, its charming and charismatic metroidvania that puts us in the skin of a lovable and enigmatic gentleman who must enter into the depths of Hallownest, a kingdom buried underground. In addition to showing new scenes of the game, the video finally reveals the release date for PC and MAC.

The trailer confirms that both versions of ‘Hollow Knight’ will be available in digital format on February 24, 2017, through different digital distribution platforms. Its price will be $14.99.

The video also allows us to delight ourselves with moments of action and really beautiful scenes ,thanks to the characteristic artistic section, as well as the light effects and the careful 2D animations of hero and enemies. Another remarkable detail of the trailer is the excellent orchestrated music, as well as the powers and abilities that will allow Hollow Knight to advance in its passage. But not everything in that subterranean world will be hostility, since our knight can forge friendship with singular creatures.

‘Hollow Knight’ drinks from great classics that were once a reference in the 8-bit generation, such as ‘Metroid’, ‘Zelda II: The Adventure of Link’ and ‘Faxanadu’. Given this as well as everything seen so far about the game, there is no doubt that we will be facing one of the best indie games this year.

Under the skin of the mysterious Hollow Knight, players embark on an adventure through the depths of Hallownest, a vast and ancient kingdom with interconnected zones that are buried underground. Despite remaining in ruins due to a catastrophe that very few remember, explorers and thieves still acquire the courage to cross their dark roads, caverns and towers, in search of riches and wonders.


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