‘Hollow Knight’ will take between six months and a year to reach Switch

Hollow Knight

Team Cherry has announced through a message on Steam forums that the version for Nintendo Switch ‘Hollow Knight’ will take between six months or a year to be ready. The Hollow Knight team has indicated that the Nintendo Switch version of this game may take six months to a year, according to its most conservative estimates.

A follower of the game has used Steam forums to ask for the release of this title on the Nintendo console, claiming that it is one of the two reasons he got the platform.

One of the team members explained that:

“It will take time, probably between six and twelve months, we are still looking at how to adapt it, but I try to be conservative in my estimates”.

Keep in mind that “Team Cherry is a small team, so these things take time.”

The reasons are none other than the reduced sizes of a team that so far has been focused on bringing the game to Linux and Mac, something they achieved on the 11th of this month.

You might be interested in knowing that ‘Hollow Knight’ is one of the last great referents of the rogue like game for having a very dignified game play and a visual section that puts it high above the dozens of similar type titles that are crowded in the catalogs. It is one of the best games set in the medieval era with a distinction from other similar type titles.

This title, developed by Team Cherry, offers a two-dimensional style adventure that combines action and platforms in a medieval fantasy world, the kingdom of Hallownest. It includes animations made with traditional style, challenges for the player, collectibles to unlock, etc.

The game debuted on PC last February and was funded through Kickstarter.


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