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Homescapes Game – A Casual Game to Play During Lockdown Period

Homescapes Game

Hey friends, today I have come along with the good and amazing time pass for you during this lockdown period. I know this period is difficult for everybody however, I have something which will help you to spend your time at home.

Are you interested in playing games?

If yes, then I am sure you will love it. If not, then I can assure you once you start playing it, you will be in love with this. People who used to play games on mobile, I am sure some of them already know about this game but there are some facts which you don’t know. But not to worry, I will share each and every fact with you, my friends.
In this article, I am going to talk about Homescapes Game, Yes my friends I know some of you are familiar with this game and you are right this game was made by Playrix in September 2017. This is a free to play Video game. I am sure most of you are playing this game and trying to complete all the levels and many of them are successing in it too.

So far, many people are playing it in their mobile which is easily available on play store and amazon store. Some of my friends don’t play games on mobile just to save the battery drainage or continues use of mobile in other works whether it’s social or personal chats. Here is the solution to it.

Homescapes Games for PC

Friends, do you know whether this game is available for PC users or not? Yes, it’s available for PC users too and here is how you can play this game on your PC. All you need to down the Bluestacks on your PC and then you can play all Android games on your PC. I know you must be thinking whether this Bluestack player is safe to use or not. I can assure you my friends it’s 100% safe to use.

There are more other best ways to play this game on PC, if you think that Bluestack is not safe for your PC, then you can use the MEMU. This is the best replacement for Bluestack. You can also use Nox App Player, AndyRoid and GenyMotion. These are the best app players which you can use to play this game or any android game on PC. However, I strongly suggest Bluestack as I am using the same one and it’s very easy and safe to use.

Homescapes Game Characters

This game has a great character names Austin, you will be helping him to build his home, renovate the mansion and many more adventures. You will be the one who decides how the house look like. Isn’t it great? Off Course it is. once you start playing it, you will be one of the fans of this game just like me.

Some of my friends who are going through this article must be thinking it looks like a Gardenscapes game. Yes, you are right, it is like a Gardenscape game but this one is a better and more roughly version of it. People who have played Gardenscapes and loking for better version, I strongly suggest to go for Homescapes.

Final Words

One more interesting feature of this game, people who love to play Candy Crush a lot, I would suggest them to play Homescape as you will have the similar kind of feeling even better while playing it. If I need to say short, Homescapes is one best game which includes the features of Gardenscapes and Candy crush. It’s available in more better versions and very rough version. So far, the it has a great review.
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