How to Measure Distances in Google Maps

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Google Maps is the service and application most used today by all those who want to go somewhere that do not know where it is or how they can go, whether by car, walking, cycling or public transport. The navigation mode that offers us, indicates graphically on the map and with voice signals, where we have to go at all times. However, this popular Google tool also has a feature that can be really interesting, that of being able to measure the distance of a route that we mark ourselves on the map itself in Google Maps.

We can only access this service from the web interface of Google Maps on a computer and with which we will be able to measure the distance from one point of the map to another by the route that we mark ourselves. Something that sure will be of great utility for all those who before wanting to go for a walk, go to make some purchase or to carry out some of their favorite sports like running or cycling, since it allows to know the kilometers that we are going to cross in the route we choose.

Measuring the distance of your routes on the map in Google Maps

To define a route and measure the distance between the starting point and the end point, the first thing we have to do is open a window of our web browser and go to Google Maps. As I previously mentioned, this feature is not available on iOS and Android app of Google Maps. Its only available on the Web interface of Google Maps. In the example I have enabled the satellite layer, but you can select the layer you like.

Once there, we center the map on the place where we want to make the route and then right click on the map to select the Measure distance option. Then we will see a message on the map indicating that we can click on the map to draw the route on which we want to calculate the distance.

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Now every time when we click on a point on the map, we will see how a path is traced. The first marked point will be the one we have indicated by right-clicking to choose the distance measure option and from there we will draw the route. With each click, a new point will be displayed and Google Maps will automatically show us the total distance of the route that we are marking. We can zoom in to maximum to be more accurate.

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As we select the points, Google Maps shows us the total distance of the path from the first point. It also shows total square feet of area if we mark points in a circuit.

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We can click and drag any of the points that we are marking on the map to change our route. We can also remove a point if we click on the point again. When a point in the route is deleted, the previous point and the next point will automatically join in a straight line.

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