How to Spot and Protect Yourself From Fake Web Pages in Google Chrome and Firefox

Browser JSGuard

While browsing the internet we expose our computers to various online attacks. Malicious code and fake web pages are the most common online threats and many internet users become target to such attacks. Every day there are more and more of these threats on the internet that causes our computer to be continuously exposed to different attacks. One of the techniques widely used, by those who want to infect our computers and to steal all kinds of personal information, is to create a web page that pretends to be another to deceive users and when the users enter their credentials they unknowingly open the doors of their accounts to cybercriminals.

These sites are often developed using HTML and Javascript, so the vast majority of users will not be able to detect whether they are legitimate or not to the naked eye. However, for everyone to be more protected in this regard, the Center for Advanced Computer Development (C-DAC) in India have developed a plug-in for the most popular browsers, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which will help protect us from fake or malicious websites.

Detect fake or malicious web pages from Google Chrome and Firefox with Browser JSGuard

When any user visits to any of these fake websites, the cybercriminals try to exploit the browser vulnerabilities to gain control and take the user to certain sites with more malware and finally gain control of the equipment. To avoid this it is important to be sure that the website we are visiting is legitimate. Browser JSGuard can be used to detect and avoid such fake websites.

To install Browser JSGuard in the browser, users should go to Chrome web store if they use the Google browser or the Firefox Add-ons site to add this extension in the Firefox browser. Once this is done, we will see an icon appear on the right side of the browser’s address bar. When passing the mouse over this icon, we will see a message ‘Webpage Behaviour Report’. If we click on this button Browser JSGuard will show us a report of the selected website.

Browser JSGuard 1

Clicking on the Browser JSGuard icon will open a window where we can see whether the selected webpage contains hidden, unauthorized or coded redirects through JavaScript code. It provides detailed analysis of the selected webpage and alerts if the webpage contains any malicious content. JSGuard can also detect if there are any external domain requests from the webpage. If we select one of these sections more details are displayed to know the intentions of that webpage.

Browser JSGuard 2

If the site is legitimate we will see that all the sections appear empty, whereas if Browser JSGuard detects any of these techniques in the code of the site, it will alert us showing a kind of lights of several colors in each one of the sections that vary according to the danger they may have and the damage they may cause us. Browser JSGuard is a very useful supplement that can save us from many annoyances and is quite easy to use.


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