HP details the Latest Firmware For the Elite x3

Last Tuesday, HP launched a firmware upgrade for its Elite x3 smartphone, demonstrating its commitment to this terminal and Windows 10 Mobile. With this update reached the version 002.0000.0023.0113, and although we did not know what arrived with the new firmware, now the company has decided to publish the complete list of changes, which comes to improve especially the camera.

    • Camera: improved autofocus.
    • Camera: improved face detection.
    • Operators: updated the APNs of Turkish, Vodafone, EE, Spark, China Telecom and Orange France.
    • Improved startup time for applications.
    • Solved the video playback problem with lag when using the Lap Dock.
    • Stability: Fixed an issue whereby the device could enter loopbacks upon reaching the lock screen.


  • t has been observed that the users most likely to receive this error had the “Hello Cortana” activated.
  • Stability: Fixed an error whereby the phone could enter reboot loop when reset to factory state.
  • System: support for the new HP G2 USB-C dock firmware.
  • USB: Fixed an issue where the phone entered charging mode when connecting a mouse.

As we see, HP aims to improve the user experience with the release of this update. This way, users of the HP Elite x3 can start looking for updates from the same phone, simply by going to Settings> Update and security> Update your phone.


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