How To Win In HQ Trivia | Latest Tips And Tricks

HQ Trivia is game that is available for IOS and Android users both. It is a free game where users can get some real money. Players need to answer the questions correctly in a sequence and will get the prize money or split the prize money on winning. This game is different from other games as it is a live game show app developed in year 2017 by team Vine and launched in Late August.

Initially the game was available for IOS users only but later it was also available on Android users at the end of the year. Everyone who play this game want to win this game and can make good amount of money. It could sound bit unethical but here in this article we will share few tips and tricks that you can use to Win the HQ Trivia Game whether you are playing in IOS Device or Android device.

  • Send Invitations: Whenever you will send invitation to any of the user and if he submit your referral code while signing up, you will get more life in game that means you can play more games that result in more money. Sending invitations is one of the most easy task to win the life that can help you to make more money.
  • Avoid Comment Section: The comment section given in the game is quite distracting and create problem when pop up due to which it could be possible that you answer wrong or could not get an opportunity to answer. So we will suggest you to hide the comment section or avoid it as much as you can. It will enhance your focus in the game and you can win more games.
  • Make Groups and Avoid Individual: We will suggest you to start playing in groups instead of playing individuals. Both the techniques have its own pros and cons. When you play individual, you can’t win more games but when you play in groups of smarter people like you, there is high probability of winning the games. Obviously the prize money will be split between the players but you will get more life and more opportunities of winning.
  • Play Every Game you can: Always try to play the maximum number of games. More the games you play, there are more chances that you can win and make more money. The only way to improve and achieve perfection is practice. More the practice you do more the chances to win every game. Thus, Try to play more and more games so you can improve and make more winning prize out of it.
  • Follow HQ Trivia on Twitter: On the official twitter handle, you will always get some hints or things that can help you to answer the questions appropriately. The more accurate answers,  more the correct answers, more the chances to make more prize money.
  • Keep an eye even you get eliminated: Even you are eliminated from the game, we will recommend you to keep an eye on the game. So whenever you will play again, you will get the idea of questions that are going to be asked in the game. It will also help you to win the game whenever you will play again. You will also get the idea of questions that are being asked in the game usually.
  • Use their practice App to master the game: You can play the live game during 3 PM to 9 PM but during the rest of the time, you can practice on the app, More the practice more the perfection you will get. It will also increase the chances to win the game and make more winning money out of it. Usually people use to play the game during 3PM to 9 PM during the live quiz. They do not practice in free time due to which they could not win the desired games.
  • Make sure about your answers initially: In the initial questions, you could get a feel that the answers could not be that simple but the fact is they are. So always be confident with the answers you are opting and do not go for the second guess. The initial 2-3 questions of the quiz are always easy to opt and one can easily answer them without any problem.
  • Always Keep an eye on critical questions: There are few questions in the game that are designed in such a way that they can eliminate a lot of players simultaneously. Always make a close eye on such questions, It will give you the hint of question asked in the game.

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Final Words:

We have mentioned all the tips and tricks you can follow while playing HQ Trivia and win good amount of money. If you want to add more tips and tricks in the game, please comment below in the comment box and our team will surely do that.


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