Huawei Introduces 360-Degree Mobile Camera

Huawei has introduced a new project in the world of 360 degrees: a camera for mobile that will be designed and manufactured next to Insta360.

This is the Honor VR Camera, a device that will help capture 360 degree content, among other things, to create experiences in Virtual Reality. The presentation in which JK Liu, founder and CEO of Insta360, indicated how Huawei is committed to reinventing photography using its products.

They aim to revolutionize the world of Virtual Reality thanks to two pillars: the devices and high-speed networks in which they are also working, making it possible to transmit content in 360 degrees in real time.

As part of the partnership, Insta360 also developed the application that users will download to capture, share and stream their 360-degree creations live. We will only have to connect an Insta360 camera to the port of a smartphone and download the application, being possible immediately after starting to create and share photos and videos on social networks and YouTube.

At CES 2017, Insta360 announced the Insta360 Pro, a professional camera with six lenses with 360 video and 8K resolution, so it is clear what your bet in this regard.

Huawei plans to begin international sales of the new 360-degree camera, which offers 3K resolution and continuous streaming, within the next few months, but has yet to indicate price or dates.


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