Huawei plans to launch Honor 9 in June

Honor 9

After squeezing the Honor 8 series with the latest release of Honor 8 Pro, now it’s time to change the numbering and make the leap to Honor 9. Something that could appear in this same month of June for an exit in July. The new Huawei phone will follow in the lines drawn by the Honor series but would also borrow some features like the portentous dual camera of Mate 9.

The new Huawei Honor 9 would be characterized by an imposing dual camera like Mate 9 wearing a 12 MP color sensor and a 20 MP monochrome sensor, which this time would be located in the upper left corner reminding us of the design of the recently presented Xiaomi Mi 6. It seems that the phone could be shown in June for an outing during the hot month of July.

The design of the Honor 9 would have rounded sides to favor ergonomics and no headphone jack slot, something that is criticized by the most purists. The rest of Honor 9 specifications are expected to be a FullHD screen of 5.2 inches, a Kirin 960 processor, a 32 / 64 GB of storage and about 4 GB RAM.

As usual, this line of Huawei phones is expected to be expensive, putting the rumored price to about $362 to change, making it affordable for most of the pockets. Be that as it may, this range of Huawei has achieved some fame to offer certain characteristics inherited from large mobiles but under a more modest configuration. However, if this mobile turns out to be anything similar to the others of this series then it will do just as good. All this information along with the history of Honor series makes this mobile as one to watch in this year.


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