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Using HCM (Human Capital Management) Tech to Help Employees Return to Work


The world has undergone a big transformation in 2020. The coronavirus pandemic has shaped a lot of the narrative across the globe. Covid impacted in such a way that the work has been immensely affected and a lot of the consequences won’t be evident until a few months down the line.

But the show must go on and in many workplaces, employees will eventually have to return to work. Human Capital Management (HCM) tech could be a helpful tool in ensuring the return happens as safely as possible.

Different parts of the world are dealing with the pandemic in unique ways. No matter what the approach has been, there has been plenty of disruptions in terms of how open the workplace has been. Slowly but surely, it is time to start getting back to a new normal and introducing employees back into the workspaces. While this mainly involves administering strict guidelines in terms of physical approach to being together, technology could have a big role to play as well.

HCM technology could help ensure that employers strike a balance between productivity, performance and employees’ health (both physical and mental). There are lots of different tools and ways to implement this technology to enjoy these benefits of balance.

Different Beneficial Uses of HCM Tech

When you think about HCM tech, you think about products like payroll management systems, communication tools, and other HR processes. A comprehensive HCM platform can provide plenty of uses for your organisation. With the right software and strategic approach, the technology can help with things like:

Managing employee schedules

You might be faced with emergency sick leave and responding to these scheduling issues is the key to managing the crisis. You need to be able to respond quickly to things like employees having to quarantine to the actual issue of catching the virus.

Not only is it important to take care of the scheduling, but it’s also crucial to respond to the payroll changes. You need a payroll system that can sort out and automate things like emergency sick leaves for full- and part-time workers.

Creating procedures for vulnerable employees

You can also use tech to create rules and processes to employees who are either in the risk groups or care for people in them. You need to have procedures in terms of how and where these employees work and what happens if they need to continue to isolate, for example.

Producing guidelines for safe office environment

HCM tech can be used to produce guidelines for returning to work. You can use these platforms to share information regarding distancing rules and face covering mandates. You should also have checklists that employees can follow in terms of sanitising their workspaces, for example. It’s also a good idea to have checklists for noticing any possible symptoms of COVID-19.

Ensuring rapid responses to changing regulations

Uncertainty is the keyword that controls the current situation. Even if your country or city is opening up tomorrow, it doesn’t mean it couldn’t face a possible lock down in a few months time. While the news about vaccines are positive, a possible end to the uncertainty is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Good HCM platform will help you to ensure that your company is ready to respond to any type of regulatory change. Just make sure you are updated on the official government and healthcare guidelines, sharing this information with the different departments. This guarantees a rapid response to a changing situation and reduces the stress on employees.

Focus on enhancing communication

The best way to use different HCM tools is to put communication at the heart of your operations. A good HCM solution is one that makes it easier to engage with your employees and to ensure everyone is aware of all the different things that could influence a safe return to the workplace.

The good news is that this is possible with automated and data driven tech. For example, automating payroll management system frees a lot of time and ensures you respond to the fast-changing scheduling needs. Virtual platforms ensure that employees can communicate and work safely, while having access to all the information they need to stay productive.

Your organisation should take this opportunity to invest in the right products. You want to find HCM tech that aids in the above aspects. If you do this now, you also prepare your business for the future.

While this particular pandemic is hopefully going to be behind us sooner rather than later, the chances of something new happening are not slim. Having your business ready for the next disruption can ensure you stay competitive and your employees are kept safe.

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