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Did They open the first Restaurant of Human Meat in the World?

First of all, you won’t believe it. But, I was really confused to write it or not. While doing research, I got to know few more points and hence I thought to write on it. Here was the popular claim that “They opened the first human meat restaurant of the world in tokyo”. Here I will let you know – Is it True or False?


A new restaurant hosted in the city of Tokyo, in Japan has announced it’s special menus which include Human Flesh. Eww, but true. Even the government has confirmed the restaurant’s legality. It sounds disturbing but is really true.

This totally shows the fierceness and unspeakable human nature which is not tolerable in this community. But the restaurant named “The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin”, which means “Edible Brother” in English has proven so.

The meal menus vary in a range of 100 up to 1000 euros along with other dishes. Recently International News sources confirmed that a tourist from Argentina is confirmed being the first person eating human meat in the “Edible Brother” restaurant.

To be frank, the meat may taste like any of pork dishes, but the taste may disappear due to excessive spice and beverages. Yet, it is legal to eat Human flesh in Japan, but 99% of the world population would fail for eating human meat if offered.

Even some peoples don’t get the idea of what are the sources from where the meats are coming. The humans before dying determine to promote their bodies to the peculiar eating place, about for approximately 30 thousand euros or 35,799 bucks, leaving the full amount of cash to their families.

Young people who die younger can have a mutual contract with the restaurant, wherein they’re available for a whole squad to eat, but the beef would be just Sh*t to eat.

So, here is the catch. Can you follow up the line who are willing to die for a significant amount of money, especially for to be eaten???

This news was published by the popular news magazine of Japan La voz popular and there onwards, they got legal notice against them too. Why? Because… it was the fake news.


Nope, It was the fake news distributed for the sake of 2016 April’s fool Joke and to promote the Resident Evil 6 Zombie Video Game, They created props and there is no restaurant named “edible brother” or “The Resoto ototo no shoku ryohin”. Also, Japanese legistation don’t allow cannibalism. Japanese embassy also confirmed that it’s completely fake news and they didn’t give any authority for opening the restaurant of human meat.

However, There are so many news comes in and out from all over the world regarding practice of cannibalism but it’s not legal and those who try to practice cannibalism got punishment of death penalty.

In 2013, there was news from north korea where a grandfather killed his own kids and tried to eat the meat of them.

Who could forget about Noida Serial Murder in which Surender Koli was convicted of 5 murders and was sentenced to death.

Things are going bad! What you say? Already, we have legalize system around us but it’s happening. How do you relate it to yourself?

Please let us know your feedback…!

  1. Ms. B says

    There are almost NO words when you read an article like this. The sheer gasp and awe of such an inhuman practice being made legal by any government is beyond shocking! To stoop to the lowest and most vile act of eating another human being and having them served up like an expensive steak is outrageous, appalling and disgusting!Where is the outcry of the human race! Has humanity sunk so low that it now legalizes acting like animals! God help us! If this is the way of the future, then hell has truly come to earth! Can you imagine satan saying: “I don’t have to hide anymore…People want what I have to offer and they are freely and willingly asking for it”!

    The only thing these people don’t realize is that there will come a time to pay for these atrocities, what then?

  2. Calvin Moon says

    Without doubt, millions if not more will and are willing to receive cash now with the understanding that their body will become food for others. Some will find it sacred honor to know others would eat their remains. Repulsive, certainly and unlawful now in western nations, this will continue to grow and become accepted as other abnormal traits arise.

  3. Jer says

    This can’t be true. I’m about ready to puke. The God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob we need your help. We need the warning or the so called illumination of consciene(St. Faustina and St pare pio and the prophecies of Garabandal explains this) We need your return. I pray!!!

  4. Red Coats says

    Ok, so if this is really true, then why is your page not printable?? Sounds like a group of cowards that run this site !! I am not disputing these facts, but if you had any kahuna’s then you would make it so ! There is a lot of DRAMA right now in the world, if what you allege is true then the information should be able to be printed so it can be shared with people that do not have computer access ! Put your analytics where your mouth is and make it so !

    Red Coats

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