HummingBad Malware Lurks Again on Android

HummingWhale Malware

Once again, malware has come to Android to compromise our devices. In this case, we have to talk about an old acquaintance, HummingBad, who has landed on Android with a new name, HummingWhale.

The malware has been discovered by computer security company Check Point in more than 20 different applications available on Google Play, so in contrast to other cases, not even the Android application store seems to be safe in the face of this threat.

HummingBad returns to the attack: the virus that has made its creators millionaires. As we told you the first time this malware was landing on Android, HummingWhale is able to use the permissions of the device so that at the time of the execution of the infected application, the activity generates a virtual device that loads a copy of the application to later generate a unique ID and thus benefit the authors of the virus through advertising, thus achieving an income exceeding $ 300,000 per month.

In addition, in this new case the virtual device created by the malware itself, will be responsible for providing a positive assessment of the fraudulent application in the Google Play Store without the user realizes, to achieve a greater popularity and a greater amount of users decide to install the application on their devices.

Check Point has posted on its website the full list of applications infected by HummingWhale on Android. The vast majority are published by fake developers of Chinese origin, and among them we find cache cleaners or apps of photographic filters, which at first may seem safe, but that install themselves are in charge of enriching their creators at the cost of your security.

Do you know any of the applications affected by the HummingWhale malware?


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