If you have a custom ROM you will not be able to play Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run for Android

Super Mario Run is now available globally for all Android smartphones. It has been made to wait, but the expected delivery of Nintendo can now be downloaded. Do not hesitate to stop by the Google Play Store and download this game on your device to have a good time as it is very entertaining.

However, if you have a custom ROM you’re going to have problems, since Nintendo has a strong crusade against custom ROMs. Let’s tell you what happens, and tell you what ROMs you can not use Super Mario Run.

You may not know it, but custom ROMs are not certified by Google, by not including the Gapps. This type of ROM can be used perfectly and legally, but they do not have the approval of the great G and it has its own drawbacks. However, your device is powerful and new if you use a ROM like LineageOS, but you will not be able to play Super Mario Run.

Yes, we know what you are thinking is to download the APK when it is filtered and install it manually but you should know that it will not work even if you install it this way, since the game does not open when detecting an uncertified ROM. This is a big problem for all those who enjoy ROMs such as LineageOS. To carry an unofficial ROM has its drawbacks, and this is one of them.

At the moment it doesn’t looks like there is going to be a solution, since Nintendo does not want its products to work on non-certified ROMs. if there is some kind of response from Nintendo or some solution from the developers, we will keep you informed.


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