ImprovedTube extension allows to easily adjust YouTube options

Improvedtube extension

Google’s YouTube video streaming service can automatically control its playback quality. According to its own system, previously the users had to make adjustments beforehand based on the internet speed they had contracted. However, sometimes the video player would not take advantage of the maximum speed available to provide the highest resolution. This among many other things can now be controlled with this new Google Chrome extension.

The extension in question, as usual, only allows modifying of the YouTube playback settings available in the Google Chrome web browser. However, there are similar options available for Firefox as well. In any case and with respect to ImprovedTube, among all the options available the most interesting options are, for example, the possibility to modify the quality of the audio. That is, in addition to being able to adjust the image quality according to the resolution we choose and we can also independently choose the sound quality from the available options.

Set YouTube player exactly as you want, with ImprovedTube

The extension is installed, and once that is done we will see it ‘appear’ as soon as we are navigating YouTube. It is then that the icon it corresponds to present in the right zone of the upper bar activates the color for the same and then we can access its options. There are many options available and they are divided into different sections. Among these options there are also the ones relating to the configuration of the player, for example, the one to modify parameters such as the size of the playback window, sound quality or image resolution. All this can now be activated automatically.

Turn on dark YouTube mode

We also have other options such as choosing to activate subtitles in a certain language whenever they are available, or simply change the user interface so that the web page is always displayed in dark mode, among many others. Additionally, among all these options there is one that offers the possibility to turn off the background, which basically makes everything that surrounds the playback window becomes dark, so it’s not annoying to see while we are watching videos.


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