In Allo Messenger the Google Assistant can now share personal information

Even if the Allo Messenger is not very popular, it is still the only official way to use the Google Assistant outside of a pixel smartphone. In its messenger world, the Assistant now gets a new feature which makes it possible to retrieve personal data and share it directly with all contacts in the active chat window.

Through the connection to the Google Account, the Assistant has access to many personal data of the user and can retrieve e-mails, list calendar entries or even search their own contacts. Of course, this information is only accessible to the owner of this data and cannot be seen by other users. Now the Assistant gets a way to share this data quickly and easily.

If you ask the assistant for personal data, for the next upcoming appointment, it searches the calendar and responds with the next entry. Over this answer, the question now exists if you want to share this information. If you want then directly under its answer are two buttons to agree or reject sharing.

If you allow the Assistant to share this information, it is sent as a message directly into the active group chat. This allows all other users in the same chat to see the upcoming appointment. So far, you had to create it yourself and copy the answer of the Assistant. There is, of course, no automatic sharing or constant access. The sharing is allowed only once for this explicit answer.

This is really a very practical new function of the assistant, which actually makes sense in the environment of the messenger. It would also be interesting if you could only share this information with selected users or give them permanent access. Currently, the Assistant can only access the information in their own Google account, but one way to share the calendar for other contacts would be very interesting.

The update for the Assistant is rolled out on the server side and should already be available to all users or at least activated in the next few hours. It is assumed (presumably) the new version 6.0 of Allo, which must also support this function. The new messenger could also soon bring a new chatbot, animated emojis and some other things, all waiting for a server-side release.


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