In three years half of the smartphones will arrive with AMOLED screens

half of the smartphones will arrive with AMOLED screens in 2020

The use of AMOLED displays on smartphones is increasing and now a new report from Digitimes indicates that its popularity continues to rise.

The proportion of smartphones with AMOLED screen is about 27% today, but this figure is expected to increase to 50% by 2020, so that half of smartphones will carry this screen technology.

Currently Samsung’s screen division dominates the global AMOLED panel supply that incorporates smartphones. A good part of the supply goes to the company’s own telephones.

Oppo and Vivo together hold more than 20% of AMOLED panels, but this figure could be affected by the increase in demand for AMOLED panels by other companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Gionee, Meizu and even Apple. The iPhone AMOLED panels from 2017 will come from Foxconn, Samsung, LG and Japan Display, which are already increasing their production of AMOLED panels to anticipate demand.

Together, Apple and Samsung will hog a large proportion of the global supply of AMOLED panels in 2017. This will make it difficult for other manufacturers to come up with these panels, which will lead to price increases and some companies looking for other technology to reduce costs.

Researchers are trying for alternatives which can provide better results and have a low production cost, but such panels will only be introduced in smartphones after 2020.


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