Instagram is Updated in Windows 10 Mobile With the Feature to Save Images


It seems that the Facebook boys have started the year ready to give greater weight to the Instagram application for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. If a few days ago began the deployment of features Boomerang and hands-free, along with live videos at the beginning of the year, now we can start to save our favorite photos and videos in a section of our profile.

The operation of the feature is really simple. In the lower right of each image in the same bar as the other actions we find a new icon in the form of a marker. When you click on it, the image or video that we choose will be saved in a section that is in our profile with the same icon of the marker.

The main difference of this feature with the possibility to consult the photos that we liked is that when saving an image or video the activity is not reflected among our friends, besides it is much more accessible to check the photos we have saved.

On this occasion, the feature is coming by updating the application in the Windows Store. Once updated, we have to verify that we are running version 10.743.19450.0 and we will see that this new icon appears next to all the images.
So, if you have a Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile device then better download this updated version of Instagram to make use of this new feature.


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