Instagram is Working on Multiple Photo Uploads

Instagram is working on a feature that allows users to upload multiple photos. Instagram is one of our favorite social networks as far as photography is concerned. The interface is nice, the operation is more than acceptable and the number of users who use the application every day is greater, a real wonder.

Instagram is going through one of its best moments, with spectacular numbers of users. There is no doubt that it has become the king channel for sharing casual photography, and of course selfies. The application constantly strives to offer new features and thus give the user the opportunity to enjoy, the application even more. It seems that they are now testing the multiple upload of photos, so let’s tell you all about this.

Instagram is already testing the option of uploading several photos at a time in your application. The truth is that it is a pretty interesting option, and if it is done, it would do quite well.

Taking into account that the new possibility is still green, with some errors in its use, the idea of operation is as follows: those users who want to share multiple photographs, instead of uploading a single photo, with this feature there is a possibility of selecting up to 10 pictures in a single post. Users can also apply the same filter for all the photos chosen or go one by one by applying a filter independently.

This means that you can process each photograph individually, you are not required to upload the entire pack with the same edition and the same style. It is true that it is not usual to upload many photos at a time to Instagram, but it never hurts to have more options.

Once they proceed to share their images in the same publication, their followers will see this publication as a carousel where they can go through the photographs, being able to individually access each one of them, being able to even mark them with likes, in a similar way to the photographs Individuals as they have been doing so far.

At the moment, they are only doing tests and it is not sure that it will reach mobile devices, although everything points to yes. We always like to see how applications put their efforts into adding useful functions that make life easier for users, and this is without a doubt one of them.

This new possibility was already available to advertisers, now reaching the end users of the platform. What is not yet known is when it will be available definitively and also if this possibility will reach also the users of iOS. While Instagram has not made an official announcement, this new possibility is already present in the new Instagram beta for the Android platform, which reaches version 10.7.0.
To know more, we will have to wait for Instagram to officially announce all the details of this new feature.


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