Instagram Live Videos Will Reach All Users Next Week

instagram live videos

As you recall, Instagram launched the live video for the stories almost at the end of last November, a movement that seeks to become the perfect alternative to Snapchat. In this sense, all the live videos that are made through this function have a determined availability, of 24 hours, after which those videos will disappear.

From Instagram they point out that they have seen how their community has shared interesting moments in real time, from make-up tutorials to live DJ sets, and does so in an advertisement where it notes that this feature, which until now was available only to the United States, will expand globally, allowing users anywhere in the world to share interesting things in real-time, live.

This expansion will take place over the next week through a new update of the mobile application platform. Once you reach the rest of the users, each one of them who wants to make a live broadcast will only have to scroll right from their publications feed until they have the live video function, and can now share what they want to transmit to his friends, followers, and ultimately, the entire Instagram community.

In this way, as we have been saying about other applications, it will be possible for users to spend more time using the application, either creating content or simply consuming them. It is likely that companies can also take advantage of this feature to reach their customers, including this novelty within their strategies in social networks. We will see how it develops.


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