Instagram offers option to archive photos so nobody sees them, without deleting them

Instagram archive images

On some occasions we may wish to eliminate the visibility of a publication made in the past in social networks, and generally the only available solution is to delete it.

Now in Instagram they are testing an option that is already available in many accounts which is archiving a published photo.

Currently it is only available on android and not all accounts (are still in the testing phase), the function offers the possibility of deleting an image from the public mode, so that only we can see it in the section “archived photos”. To do so, you only have to access the menu (the three points) available in each image and select the archive option that can be seen in the top catch as published in the @mattnavarra twitter.

In addition to an additional “archive” option, accounts that enjoy this option also have a new section to view all the photos that were archived, photos that nobody can see without having identified with the login and password of the account in question.

Any archived image can be made public again if we decide to do so. Hence, the decision is not irreversible.

The goal is to allow people to publish unimportant photos, as in ephemeral stories, only to let the contacts see their day to day, thereby leaving only the most relevant public timeline or the best pictures taken.

A few years ago Instagram was a network of lovers of photography where only works of art and excellent captures were seen. Over time this approach has been altered and today it can be said that the original philosophy has been completely lost as Facebook has it facebookerizado. Even so, users prefer to keep only the most prominent ones in this network and in order to avoid users spending their day erasing the content of the daily stories then there’s nothing better than to offer the option to archive them. As archiving them would save them time and won’t delete the picture entirely thereby leaving them a chance to reverse their decision if they ever feel like it.


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