Instagram Stories releases geostickers same as Snapchat geofilters

Instagram geostickers

Instagram Stories now copies Snapchat geostickers. Back in December, Instagram put in the hands of its users three new tools to edit their photos. The Christmas stickers were showing some seasonal themes and one of them used your location to determine the temperature that was in your area.

Few imagined that this would be the beginning of a new update that has been launched today. Instagram has published in its blog the arrival of its new geostickers. As you can imagine, this is a collection of stickers that you can place in your snapshot to decorate it and are available for two cities, at least for now.

In August of last year, Snapchat announced the geostickers, those special stickers that were activated in certain cities of the world, such as San Francisco, New York, London, among others.

An option that apparently the Facebook team has followed closely, because now they announce the same dynamic for Instagram Stories, with personalized stickers that are automatically activated according to our location.

So now, users will be able to add these special geostickers if they are in some of the special locations.

At the moment, geostickers are only available in New York and Jakarta. So if we are in these places, at the moment of taking the photo or video we will see the icon that is shown in the image:

There are a series of stickers that will be showing according to the neighborhoods or locations near emblematic monuments.

We can resize or play with other options offered by Instagram to present them more creatively. And when they visualize our history and select the sticker, they will be able to go to the page for that place, following the same dynamic as when we share our location in the publications.

With this new update in which Instagram copies a Snapchat function, it seems that there are few or no function that differentiates them. The next step for the Instagram app would be to copy the augmented reality filters known as Lenses.

This new option is available in the Instagram app on both iOS and Android.


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