Instagram update brings photo albums feature to the app

Since Instagram launched its new Instagram Stories tool, Facebook’s proprietary application has been around for a long time without bringing any relevant news to us, only superficial updates that have fixed some bugs and errors. This feature was rumored already after the news of this last week of both Facebook with its Facebook Stories, and WhatsApp with its WhatsApp Status.

Instagram in this latest update has incorporated a new functionality in its application that consists of the possibility of creating albums of our photos, as if it were a gallery. It has a goal similar to the Instagram Stories, since these albums are destined to the user upload several photos at the same time of an event or what he is doing at that moment, such as a birthday, a party …

Instagram albums

How do I access this function? When you have the updated application, press the “+” button and you will see a popup text that will suggest us to select several photos at a time. You can select up to 10 photos to upload at the same time, being stored in an album. After that, add the filter you want to each photo or video independently, but you will not be able to go much further in editing, since these functions are not available at the moment.

It is not clear if you have a rather short video at your disposal that Instagram has published in which explains how to use this new feature and a simulation of how your photos or videos would be after applying filters and others. This function will be available to everyone, but for the moment is being spread by the servers of all countries so soon all the users can enjoy this new tool.


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