Instagram Update for Windows Brings Some Nice Feature To The Application

Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile has received the update which includes some good features. Instagram, belonging to the giant Facebook, has been one of the applications that have evolved better in recent months in Windows 10 Mobile. A universal application that is available for both smartphone and tablet and PC, which today is updated to version 10.738.64166 with many new features.

With this update came new features like the new functions: Boomerang, hands free and a night mode. The new Boomerang option is similar to how it works in other versions of the application, and allows videos with short loops. Meanwhile, the night mode adjusts the sensor to take better pictures in low light conditions, while the hands-free mode allows you to record video without holding down the capture button. But according to various sources the update loaded with news has not reached many people.

What is boomerang?

Instagram before after Boomerang

Boomerang was previously a mobile application developed by Instagram but later became a feature included in Instagram, available for Android, iOS and now on Windows 10 PC and Mobile for free, which serves to create boomerang publications.

As its own creators indicate, with Boomerang you do not get a photo, or a video, you get a sequence of looped photos that although it may look like a gif, is not exactly the same.

The difference is that in Boomerang the images go back and forth, ie when it reaches the last image or frame it goes back to the first and so on. Since in the case of a gif image, when it reaches the last image it jumps to the first one and that jump in many cases may seem strange or too abrupt.

Now comes the “negative” part, as this update seems not to be reaching everyone. At present it has only reached the HP Elite x3 in the Production (not Insider Preview) branch.

The update will be propagated at a slow pace in different devices. At the moment, no Windows smartphone from our team has received it, so we will be attentive. Have you received the update?


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