Insurgency: Sandstorm offers new details on its tactical action

We have not heard from Insurgency for a long time: Sandstorm, the tactical action video game from New World Interactive that among many other new features will introduce a campaign mode that we now know will have an estimated duration of five hours. Its the Battle Front.

As we anticipated a year ago. we will fight again in the Middle East, specifically, an armed conflict in Iraq, putting us in the shoes of a young Kurd who was separated from her family by insurgents, whom she has now sworn to eliminate.

Next to her will fight a friend, also captive, and two foreigners: a US veteran and a French citizen who has never entered combat. With this premise, the video game seeks to offer a deeper narrative that moves away from the arguments of blockbuster movies. Another good news is that this campaign can be enjoyed together with three more people thanks to its cooperative side. It even shuffles the option of including multiplayer split screen.

The development team reported,

“Shooters do not have to deal exclusively with meaningless killings, so the player can stop and ask questions about the world that the game represents, and find answers within the narrative”

Insurgency Sandstorm

What other news can we expect?

Insurgency: Sandstorm will introduce new forms of gameplay that take advantage of vehicle piloting, scale up battlefields, improve ballistic system and even allow you to interact with scenarios in different ways than the original, for example with the use of stairs or the option of breaking doors.

Among the competitive modes of play, we will have the classic matchmaking, an anti-cheat system, and qualifying matches to test our skills as soldiers. Insurgency: Sandstorm is committed to a premiere in 2018. By the end of this year, however, should start an alpha testing phase aimed at a very public select.


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