Intel patents a Surface-Style Tablet, but with Curved Display and a “Super Keyboard”

Intel has filed a patent of a Surface style tablet which has a curved display as well as a curved super keyboard.

Surface devices at the time were revolutionary. A few years later, Surface devices design was present in many devices of other companies, but apparently the only thing Microsoft always wanted with these devices was to inspire other manufacturers since it never put restrictions on this aspect and is not closed to the competition.

Intel as one of the main partners of Microsoft which cannot be left behind in the construction of its own version of the Surface, if you do not believe me, we have discovered Intel patents which shows us the future with convertible devices with curved screens and “super keyboards”.

The information comes from the website The Leaker, where in addition to describing the devices add some photos of the patent.

intel curved display

This is where it becomes clear that the laptop will be a hybrid and the screen can be used in tablet form, this takes the portability of a laptop to a new level just like Microsoft Surface.

Intel surface convertible screen

This front view of the laptop shows the curved nature of the laptop, even the keyboard part has a curved design, which may be uncomfortable.

Intel curved keyboard

This view gives us more information about the device, and one of the first things we notice is that the keyboard is thicker than it should be. The source also ensures that the thickness is thanks to another battery, processor and memory that will work once the tablet and keyboard join, which will distance itself completely from the competition.

At the same time, some kind of low power mode will be activated when the keyboard is separated from the tablet, so the device will have two very different modes of use.

Here is one of the most interesting components, because this keyboard will not only serve to be more comfortable with the device, but will add a superior combination of hardware, which will make this convertible unique.

In these images we can see the most distinguishing feature with the naked eye, the curve that is on the screen and the keyboard, although I keep saying that it will be somewhat uncomfortable to use on a flat surface.

At first glance, this project seems feasible, and it is believed that Intel will launch the notebook when its eighth generation of Core processors sees the light, which means that there are great possibilities to see the convertible this year.


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