Intel prepares its new beast: the new Core i9 with 12 cores

Intel Core i9

So far Intel has maintained three levels in its Core processors, but the introduction of the AMD Ryzen and its commitment to more cores has Intel preparing for new alternatives.

These are the Intel Core i9, which will appear in the next few weeks in two versions with 10 and 12 process cores and will also have up to 44 PCIe tracks to create desktop PCs with truly fantastic features.

Get ready for Core i9

Initially there will be four members of this new “split” of Intel processors with 6, 8, 10 and 12 cores and double threads running through HyperThreading technology. It is curious to see how the appearance of an Intel Core i9 was raised no less than eight years ago.

Core i9

Core i9 specs

They all also offer improvements in the amount of level 3 cache, the number of PCIe tracks (more capacity of expansion) and a remarkable work frequency that will be another of the key arguments made for these micros.

As the number of cores increases the base working frequency goes lower, which is logical to avoid problems of overheating. However, the new Turbo Clock 3.0 mode will allow it to bring the base frequencies to a really high level whenever necessary. As for the prices, we will still have to wait for the official announcement.

With the arrivals, first of the AMZ Ryzen and now of Intel’s core i9 it is to be expected that the future desktop PC’s will have a very fast processing speed. However it remains to be seen how fast is the limit of this latest technology. Although if past is any indication then it would be quite good as is expected from Intel.


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