Inti Creates highlighted ease of programming on Nintendo Switch

Inti Creates Takuya Aizu

Recently Inti Creates CEO Takuya Aizu participated in the Tokyo Sandbox event at Akihabara and during his lecture he revealed some details about the ease of programming in Switch. It’s something that they tested with the Blaster Master Zero version for the new console of Nintendo.

First of all, the general manager of Inti Creates referred to the story of Blaster Master Zero Switch version and his first approach to programming on the new Nintendo console. In that sense, the manager revealed that at E3 2015 Sunsoft (original developers of the Blaster Master series) sought to approach Nintendo to launch a franchise title, but the Japanese company was not interested. However, in a small meeting held in the dining area, Inti Creates offered to perform the re-mastered version of Blaster Master and then Nintendo finally accepted it.

It was in October 2016 that Inti Creates made the Switch development kits because they were interested in posting on the new console and the Blaster Master Zero project in 3DS already had 50% advance. So they decided that they would make a port for the new Nintendo console. The work with the development kits of Switch was so fast that in December of that same year they already had a preliminary version of the game running in the console and that allowed the launch of its title on the March 3 of 2017. In this respect, Takuya Aizu said:

“It’s extremely easy to develop for the Nintendo Switch and that’s the first step in whether you want to do it.” Developing Switch games is simple, and the Nintendo Developer Portal is the first of its kind. It’s a very simple user interface and it makes you feel that Nintendo is finally getting closer [in terms of development] to PS4. “

Finally, Takuya Aizu highlighted the changes that Nintendo has made to improve the relationship with third-party studies. He also explained the facilities it now offers to program in Switch as it previously had to carry out many formalities in Kyoto while in Europe’s Nintendo everything could be done online and how all that is made easier today. At the same time, developers can purchase all the necessary equipment to create in Switch for $ 441 USD, so it motivated other studios to present their titles for the new Nintendo console.

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