Investigations in South Korea: Google is supposed to have hindered Samsung’s operating system Tizen

In South Korea, the courts and authorities are currently doing well and now focus of the investigation authorities has targeted Google. The competition authority has been collecting evidence for some time that Google has hindered the development of Samsung’s operating system Tizen and practically also prevented it in favor of Android.

Google’s attorneys could soon be back in court. And the accusation weighs very hard in the South Korean country.

According to the first results of the competition authority, Google will actively hinder the further development and spread of Samsung’s operating system Tizen. Samsung’s operating system has been around for years but is only used on the company’s smartwatches. This is not because of the fact that Android would be so much better, but much more because Samsung hands are contractually tied.

Just like all other smartphone manufacturers, Samsung has also signed the Anti-Fragmentation Agreement that prohibits its own operating system based on Google technologies. Tizen is partly based on Android technologies and this is exactly the case. This is also explains why suddenly from the great announcements and plans of Samsung watch suddenly nothing more is being heard and only a very small number of devices have come to the market at all.

Our partner agreements are completely voluntary and anyone can use Android.

Google has not denied the contract and this clause in itself points out that one does not force anyone to sign this contract. Every manufacturer is free to use Android as an operating system without having to be certified by Google, but this also leaves the access to the Play Store and access to Google Apps. However, without this important sales argument, it is hardly possible for a manufacturer to inspire buyers to purchase their device.


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