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Is fortnite shutting down or being Pulled from Play Store & App Store?

Fortnite is an open-world, fantasy, adventure online multiplayer video game released in the year 2017 and with in 3 years, Fortnite acquires their spot in top 10 games. Fortnite is a game just like PubG developed by Epic Games and available in three distinct game mode versions.

3-Distinct Game Mode Version of Fortnite

1. Battle Royale game.

In this mode, Up to 100 players can fight till the last winning person standing.

2. Fortnite: Save the World

It is a team game where up to four players can join fight against the deadly creatures, and keep objects safe with traps and walls they can build. Both the above modes were released in 2017.

3. Fortnite Creative

The third available mode in Fortnite Creative was released on December 6, 2018, in which complete freedom is given to players to build worlds and battlegrounds.

As we all knows, Fortnite is a widely popular game across the globe and has a huge user base since its release. It is continuously generating high revenue since its inception.

The developer of the game is continuously bringing several itineration like introducing unique equipment and different maps to make the game more interesting and attracting more people to play the game.

Time and again, there have been rumours that the game is shutting down, of which the first wave emerged in 2018. Here we are addressing all the rumours regarding discontinuation of the game.

Is Fortnite shutting down?

Internet is flooded with rumours that Fortnite is going to shut down in 2020. However, we can not believe the rumours to be true as there is no official announcement regarding Fortnite shutting down.

Fans of the game claimed that there were several tweets present on the internet regarding discontinuation of the game, but those tweets and even their profiles has been deleted now. The rumours started in 2018 when a Korean company Blue hole announced to file a suit against Epic Games for the copyright infringement of their battle royale game, PUBG. That happened because some fake Fortnite Twitter tweeted about shutting it down citing the announcement of the lawsuit.

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As we said before, it was a fake Twitter account of Fortnite and used to spread fake news. In the past October 2019 ‘The End’ event, users became concerned when the game was down for two days, but the game was resumed after two days with the release of Fortnite Chapter 2. Hence, Fortnite was never shut down and will not be shut down anytime sooner or later.

Frequently Asked Question

Where can we play Fortnite?

You can play Save the world mode on windows, macOS Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while Creative and battle Royal is available for all the above platforms plus you can also play it on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices.

Makers of the game are planning to release the game on PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S consoles with there launch.

Is Fortnite Bad for Kids?

Well, answer to this question is both yes and no. It depends on your perspective. According to the critics, there is too much violence in the game, and it is creating a bad impression in the mind of children.

Due to the violence, the game is rated T (for Teen)- which means it is unsuitable for kids below the age of 13.

On the other hand, the fans claimed that the game has increased their problem-solving skills, communication skill and skill of work in the coordination, as one has solved the different problems to survive while coordinating with other players of the game.

Is it true that Fortnite being pulled from the Google and Apple app stores?

We recently heard that Google and Apple have decided to remove the Fortnite from the Google and Apple app stores, respectively. The step was the repercussion of the step taken by the game developers. They decided to give an alternative payment system to users i.e Fortnite V bucks. Even, there are lot of rumours around getting fortnite v bucks for free through several fortnite v bucks generator and here is an unbiased review where we are talking about authorise ways to generate fortnite v-bucks.

Players could directly make payment to Epic and can save almost 20% of their money. The two tech-giants did not receive the decision well.

So it is possible, in the future the game might not be available for Apple users. Android users can still play the game by downloading the Epic Games Launcher.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, Fortnite is one of the most popular multiplayer game, as has won millions of hearts since its release. As it has a large user base, it is handsomely generating revenue. The competitors are quite jealous to see the successes of it and to turn it down they are spreading fake news of shutting down it.

Do not go by the rumours and do not be disheartened. Your favourite Fornite is not gonna leave you any time sooner. Play and enjoy the game.

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