Is it safe to use to use Tubemate? Pros,cons of Tubemate APK

A few days ago I was watching videos on Youtube and I just wanted to download a video but I couldn’t succeed because there was no download link available. I explored how to download youtube videos quickly. There were various options but I chose Tubemate as I have heard about it before. I just amazed after using as it was too easy to use and downloading process was very fast. I want to share my experiences with you and here I will aware you the main pros and cons of Tubemate APK.

Is it safe to use to use Tubemate? : Check Tubemate apk review
Tubemate apk pros cons

What is Tubemate APK?

Before going through initially you just need to know what is Tubemate exactly? When we use Facebook and Youtube daily numerous videos come across us and many of them we want to download for watching further. All the videos don’t have the proper downloading option in that case Tubemate APK help us. Tubemate is a video downloader app via which you can download any type of video from Facebook and Youtube without any hassle. This is a third party app to download online stuff.

Tubemate is quite famous all over the world and Billions of users are currently using this app. You can easily download high-resolution videos via Tubemate. Tubemate was also considered the most useful app of 2016.

Features Of Tubemate APK

  • Tubemate permits its users to search for any youtube video and then by clicking a green arrow you can simply download the video.
  • Also offers to choose the video quality you want to download.
  • Tubemate is small in size and doesn’t occupy much space of your device and functionality is very fast.
  • You can also generate a playlist of videos and also resume and pause them.

Why you must use Tubemate APK Youtube downloader (Main Pros of Tubemate)

Although Tubemate APK is an effective way to download videos there are also some drawbacks so I have made a list of its pros and cons. Take a look below to aware of the pros and cons of Tubemate.


  • It allows its users to download videos to android device memory card.
  • Also, save the installation space as comparatively other applications.
  • Tubemate is too easy to download and install. Even within five minutes, you can install it.
  • Tubemate is the best option for low memory smartphones and doesn’t acquire more space.
  • Some Youtube video download applications permit you to download only one video at a time but with Tubemate you can download multiple videos at same time. It manages all the videos in a queue and then downloads.
  • The most amazing benefit of Tubemate is if your internet connection lost while downloading video then it will continue the downloading process from where it stopped.

Why you should not use Tubemate Youtube downloader (Main Cons of Tubemate)


  • The most noticed drawback of tubemate is that it is considered illegal by Google play store and you can’t find it on Google play store. You can download it only its official website.
  • You can’t utilize Tubemate for a commercial purpose it is only for personalized use only.
  • Download videos from unknown sources are not safe and it can corrupt your device.

Final Thoughts

Tubemate is one of the best apps to download videos in the desired format and size. There are numerous opinions is it safe or not but I think it is quite safe to use. If you have any doubt about any video then you must do proper research before downloading it. With the superfast mode of Tubemate, you can download videos within seconds. I think you would aware of Tubemate main pros and cons and you are mature enough to understand.

Still, any query regarding Tubemate then comments below and also share your experiences if you have used tubemate or currently using it. For more updates stay connected.


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