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MuStar App
MuStar App

MuStar app is the world’s #1 app which helps us to make video clips based on lip-syncing to the selected music. All we can do with the MuStar app is to select our favorite song from the list of millions of available songs, make video clips, share. Here, start a battle with your friends to earn more stars than others. It is one of its kind app which is based on lips sync video shooting.

MuStar is a musical app that has a wide number of songs. We can use these songs while taking selfies. MuStar app is a unique style app. We can create and share our selfie clips by adding music to these clips. Such applications may not be good for kids. Kids can get in touch with strangers very easily.

Our kids might make get familiar with the MuStar app for fun only and share their musical selfies with their friend but they might not know the reality that content shared by them is shown publically. Strangers can easily get access to the shared content. Strangers can easily make friends with our kids. This can result in a dangerous situation for us.

Features of MuStar App: –

  • MuStar has the coolest effects for video making.
  • It has a unique feature, in which you can use this app without registering your account.
  • It is one of the amazing apps which is based on lips sync and it works wonderfully with this mechanism.
  • MuStar has a large database of songs and movie excerpts.
  • We can directly share our content on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks with our friends and family.
  • It is free to use but we can subscribe to a premium account in just $2.99.

Is MuStar safe for kids?

I personally found this app hazardous for kids under the age of 13 years. Kids age between 13 years to 18 years must not use this without parental permission. We can understand the danger of using the app by taking an example. It could be a completely insane situation if I come to know that my little kid is using MuStar app and he is talking and sharing his personal videos with a complete stranger old man. This old man is asking him to make a few faces and adding songs of his choice to clips.

Kids around the world even under the age of 7 years are exposing themselves to the open-world using such kind of apps. Sharing and broadcasting content openly to the strange public can be harmful to kids and us adults as well.

I am not against using social networking apps but I highly recommend my family and friends to use these apps wisely. We must use social networking apps with full security and privacy to our personal data.

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Jade Dodd February 11, 2020


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