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Is Techinn Legit or a Scam Online Shopping Site?

Is Techinn Legit

Techinn is an online shopping site for all types of tech products. The products are divided into various categories to make it easy to search and buy the product you want. The list includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, home appliances, etc. You can also buy cell phone covers and accessories, TVs, headphones, etc., at affordable prices.

Techinn claims to provide a top-notch quality policy that ensures you don’t get defective products delivered. The collection contains high-quality products at reasonable prices. You can easily find the best deals and offers on Techinn.

To make your shopping experience better and more convenient, they have introduced the return policy where you get 10 days to return or exchange the product if it is not as per your expectations or damaged in transit or any other reason.

Even though, techinn offers a 100% money-back guarantee on every product they sell. However, it’s hard to believe as many users have complained about the way they treat them after a transaction. And

So, going forward in this post, I’ll share the pros and cons of techinn along with some genuine user experience with their experience. Let’s get started:

Pros. & Cons. of Using Techinn


These days, people are more concerned about the quality of their products. This is why they always look for genuine products. They love to buy original products only because they always prefer to be sure about the quality of the product and if it will fulfill their needs.

The company understands this very well and therefore, all the products provided by them are genuine ones only. Also, most of the time, these products come from other countries, making them even better because there is no chance that you will get a duplicate or a fake product from them.

The best part is that they accept all the payment modes, so there is no need to worry about your credit card not getting accepted or whether you have enough money in your bank account. The website takes care of all such things for you. So definitely, you should visit this site to get your electronic items and make your work easy and comfortable.


The site is not reliable enough. The site often crashes or goes offline, and the users cannot access their accounts. It is not user-friendly, and many people find it challenging to navigate through the site. The sellers on this site are not trustworthy. You have to be careful when you buy any product from this platform because people have often reported that they have received a refurbished product of what they ordered or even nothing at all!

The biggest con of Techinn is its poor customer service quality. If you ever face any problem with your order or payment, you will have no idea how to solve them because there is no customer support service available on the Techinn website.

Is it Safe to Use Techinn?

Is it safe to use Techinn? Is it legit or a scam? Well, if you check the website of this portal, you will get a clear picture of the credibility of this portal. The picture says that it is entirely different from its competition. It sells well-known brands like Asus, Samsung, Apple, Mi, Xbox, Sony, and Bosch. These are usually found in other shopping portals. So, Techinn is utterly different from the competition, but that does not make it legit or a scam.

Their customers have appreciated TECHINN as they have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. They also claim to have received various awards for their excellent services and products available at lower prices than other sites. However, many people are not satisfied with the quality of the products or services offered by TECHINN. Some people even claim that TECHINN is a fraud site and provides low-quality products with fake reviews from paid writers.

So, before purchasing any product from TECHINN, you should check all the features and quality of service of this site because there are lots of complaints about this site on forums like, BitBucket, Reddit, Quora, and ResellerRatings.

Techinn Customer Reviews

Even though you can find dozens of customer reviews on the website itself, it’s not that easy to believe them.

So, I’ll share what its customers have to say about it on third-party review sites. Let’s get started:


Poor customer service, I ordered a watch and returned it because I found a much better price. I sent the item back to them using the return label that they gave me instructions to generate, and the item was delivered to them almost three weeks ago.

I chatted with them, and they told me that the item was still not delivered to their warehouse, which makes no sense because I can see the tracking number.

After that, they told me that they received it, but it takes up to 4 weeks for them to process the refunds. However, UK law states that they MUST refund any orders within 14 days of receiving INDICATION that the item is sent, not even 14 days after they have received it, which is also the case here.

Just stay away from this scammer site; I will update this if I get adequate help on time; otherwise, I will chargeback with my bank.


We ordered a microwave’s absolute rubbish site thinking it was a British-based company. When we realized it was a Spanish-based company, we emailed the company to cancel the order as we did not want it. They did not respond in any way. Two weeks later, it turned up with a two-pin plug, not suitable for the Uk market, and we have tried to contact the company to send it back at a cost to us which is not fair, but yet again no response.

There is no phone number available to speak with them and no way other than email, which they ignore; please give this company a wide birth, order number 27464127 we have been emailing non-stop since the 21/12 with on answer or acknowledgment we have logged into our account to try and print a return sticker but can’t as you have not acknowledged our complaint, the microwave you sent isn’t even a wall-mounted integrated it’s a built-in one which is way too deep


Poor service loads of emails telling me it’s going to be late, and then they cancel the order no expectations now waiting for a refund.

Final Verdict

Well, most techinn reviews made it a difficult choice for you to go ahead & order anything from the website.

So, what do I recommend?

Should you buy products from techinn or not?

No, I would never recommend you risk your money at a place where it’s challenging to receive a non-faulty product.

That’s all for now. If you’ve anything to ask or share about the techinn website, please let us know about the same in the comments section below.

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