It is already official that LG G6 will have dual cameras at the rear

Everything seems to indicate that LG’s next flagship will be much more like the LG V20, available in the American market, than the failed LG G5 that launches a curious modular design in the past MWC of Barcelona. Precisely a year later we will know the new smartphone of the firm and the double camera of LG G6.

The Korean company has just confirmed that the LG G6 will have two rear cameras with 13 MP resolution, the same that can be found in the LG V20 and LG G5. LG made the announcement today in a Korean news release and comes accompanied by more details of the smartphone as well as the camera technology of its new flagship.

In addition to confirming the LG G6’s dual camera at the rear, the company says the front sensor of the device would have a 100-degree field of view (resolution of this component has not yet been specified). While both rear cameras could reach a viewing angle of up to 125 degrees.

In addition to this technical information of the LG G6’s dual camera and its front-end trigger, the brand also notes that owners of the company’s new smartphone will be able to take 360-degree panoramic photos, create GIF based on photos and use the already classic “square camera” mode to capture images immediately ready to be shared on Instagram.

These are not the only details revealed by the manufacturer regarding the multimedia section of the LG G6. Other software enhancements include new selfie filters and new shooting modes as the “capture guide”, which superimposes a previous photo on the frame to act as a reference for a new shot. This could really help users when capturing similar images.

The phone will be completely revealed this week in a press event before the MWC 2017, then we will be able to test first hand the features of the LG G6 dual camera and its different developments with regard to its software. LG It will be the first of the manufacturers to show their novelties of the year followed by Nokia and Huawei.


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