It is confirmed that Ed is the new character of Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V

Capcom through its YouTube channel released a new breakthrough in Street Fighter V. As you can imagine, it confirms that Ed will be the next DLC character for the second season of this fighting game.

Ed’s story in Street Fighter begins when he was kidnapped by S.I.N, a division of Shadaloo who experimented on youth to create a replacement body for M. Bison. This young man appeared in the story of Rose in Street Fighter IV and Balrog in Super Street Fighter IV.

As you know, there are not many years of difference between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V, so you’re probably wondering why Ed looks like an adult? According to Capcom, the experiments made Ed’s body age faster than normal humans but the growth slows down once it reaches an age when it can fight.

In the footage, Ed appears to be showing his skills against powerful fighters like M. Bison and Balrog. As you will see, Ed perfectly combines all the hand-to-hand fighting techniques he learned from Balrog with the Psycho Power he acquired from the Bison genes.

Later, Capcom noted that the thing that makes Ed so unique is that it is very simple to make his special moves. This means that to perform them you simply “press buttons simultaneously, press the same button several times, or leave a button pressed” and its Critical Art as well is realized with a “traditional movement”.

At the moment, Ed has no release date but it is expected to come with some changes in the online system of Street Fighter V. It is important to note that this would mean that you can use it (like the rest of the characters) in the Beta of the Capcom Fighter Network.

The fact is that Ed is part of the Character Pass of the second season of Street Fighter V ($ 29.99 USD). This product includes the characters already announced like Akuma and Kolin as well as 3 other fighters whose identity remains a secret.

Also know that Street Fighter V is available for PlayStation 4 and PC.


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