It is confirmed that Moto Z2 Play will have non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery

Moto Z2 Play

Motorola mid-range phones left us with a good memory last year, all thanks to its new modular system and its features. However, today we get to learn about one of the characteristics of the new mobile that has filtered, letting us see that the battery of the Moto Z2 Play will be smaller than its predecessor.

Last year we thought that Motorola was on a very good road, betting on modularity, a concept that is not fully integrated and needs a lot of work but at least works well and seems to have a bright future. One of the best aspects we saw in this mobile was the battery that besides being very large had a good energy consumption, which meant getting enough hours of screen.

Now, the rumors are coming out every day and we have little to none information about some of the motives in the market. From this mobile we could already know its design, seeing that it was going to follow a continuous line in the style of last year, something that did not strike us as erroneous. However, now as we began to see some of its characteristics that make us wonder if it will be better in everything than the Moto Z Play of last year.

Now thanks to Lenovo, we can finally learn what the autonomy of this Moto Z2 Play may be. Lenovo has confirmed in its official Twitter to a follower that will have a battery of 3,000 mAh, and that it will not be an extractable one. This tweet was made in response to the tweet which stated that if you put a smaller battery in the Moto Z2 Play than in the Z Play, they will make a big mistake.

It is very rare for a mobile data company that has not officially gone, since the brands do not do this. It reminds us of the movements made by the CM of Motorola Germany when responding when the updates will arrive to their mobiles. Perhaps it is a strategy of the two companies to attract more customers, or a simple mistake.

We hope to know more features of this new Moto Z Play, or maybe its date of presentation, which may not be that far away as last year these mobiles were presented before the end of first half of the year. The price of this Moto Z2 Play is still a mystery for users as well.


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