It is no longer possible to configure the Galaxy S8 button for Bixby with other apps


One of the great innovations announced by Samsung in the presentation of the Galaxy S8 was Bixby, the new voice assistant based on artificial intelligence. A software that will be automatically activated by means of a Galaxy S8 button. A physical button that, through third-party apps, could be reassigned and configured to run other applications. Now Samsung has blocked this option by means of the latest system update.

The leaks and the official presentation of the model confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would include a specific button for the activation of Bixby, the new virtual assistant of the manufacturer. However, few could imagine that said button could be configured relatively to run other applications in place of said voice assistant. This was proven weeks ago from apps such as ‘All in one Gestures’ and ‘Button Mapper’.

The function of the Galaxy S8 button for Bixby is locked

However, this option to configure the Galaxy S8 button for Bixby has been disabled with the latest software update released by the manufacturer. The developer of Button Mapper made it available to configure the Galaxy S8 button to reassign its task to any other application installed in the smartphone, including Google Assistant. After the development work to launch an improvement of Button Mapper, the developer said that his creation no longer works on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Coincidentally, everything has happened after installing the OTA update with reference NRD90M.G950WVLU1AQD9, so it has been concluded that Samsung has blocked this possibility with this new firmware. A fact that has been confirmed by Philip Berne, one of the company’s manager in the US.

Rooting is the only feasible option to block it

So, at least until the method of rooting the Samsung Galaxy S8 is achieved, it will no longer be possible to reassign the Galaxy S8 button’s quick access function to another app other than the voice assistant itself. A measure that has not been to everyone’s taste, this configuration had an advantage to access the most used apps. In fact, this possibility was very well seen among users who will not be able to use Bixby’s in their native language, since initially it will only be available in English and German.


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