It’s Now Easier to Access Interesting Recipes From the Google Mobile App

The Google app is the heart of Google services, that is, it centralizes all its resources (search, Maps, music, movies, applications etc.) in one place and also allows us to enjoy your search engine.

Precisely today, the “Google App” is again news by adding a new feature in it: the search for recipes, that is, the possibility of finding and choosing dishes in a single click.

Internet search engines continue to adapt to the current times to be more than mere platforms that offer search results, aiming at bringing to light the most prominent information from different sources according to its different categories so that it can be more accessible for those interested users. In this sense, it is now Google that presents its new experience of searching for recipes through its official mobile application.
As we see in its official blog, Google has just announced a new feature of its search engine that is ideal for all chefs or lovers of cooking, since from now on if we look for Chicken to Chinese recipes we will see all the best recipes in one place.

That is, I can search for “chicken wings” and then navigate between recipes for crispy chicken wings, chicken wings with honey, chicken wings on the grill etc. In this way, the Google app becomes the best search engine for finding recipes on the internet.

As we say, the idea is to go beyond the on-screen representation of a series of search results. The new Google experience for the search of recipes will now offer, for each search, a carrousel of recipes suggestions represented in the form of succession of cards, where users will have the possibility to put pressure on those that can attract them the most attention.

In addition, users will find before that carousel a series of options as a category in which, by pressing any one of them, it will modify the relation of results, showing each result also in the form of a card.

In this way, the new recipe search experience will offer a simpler way to access a multitude of recipes even for dishes that users may not have imagined might exist. Everything is possible and in the subject of the recipes, Google wants to bring to light from the simple to the most curious results for users to have a complete recipe in their hands.

This new feature should already be available for everyone who updates their Google Mobile app to the latest version available, but as usual their arrival is being progressive by countries.


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