It’s Now Possible to Add Drive Videos in Google Slides

If you use the Google app to make presentations for your work or studies, you will now have a new option to enrich your project.

As announced by the Google team, you can insert videos that we have stored in Drive in any presentation, and play them.

The dynamics are very simple. We only have to go to “Insert” and choose the option “Google Unit”. Once we have added it to the presentation, we will see options to customize its reproduction.

Insert Drive Video in Slides

We can determine when to start and end playback, and then display only the part of the video that is relevant to the presentation.

We can also choose to play automatically or choose to mute the audio. Other interesting detail of this update is that the videos also have specific permissions, like the rest of the contents of Google Drive.

So, if the person who is watching the presentation does not have our authorization to see the video within the presentation, then he/she will have to request the corresponding permissions. The added videos can be viewed from the web version or from the mobile app, so we will not have problems when sharing our presentations. This new option will be available in the coming weeks.


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