Jeff Kaplan talks about the end of the third season of ‘Overwatch’

Competition is one of the basic pillars of the development of ‘Overwatch’ and are also the reason why many users play this title, competing among them for a better rank and a better position within the tables of qualification to demonstrate to the rest its true potential within the game.

As in most titles that give importance to the competition, this mode is divided into seasons, which remain open for several months to allow users to compete and move on the scores table, which closes at the end of the season, granting rewards depending on the range achieved.

The seasons also include big changes, such as the elimination of sudden death at the beginning of season 2 as well as the balance in the ranking of season 3.

We still do not have a date for the end of season 3, but Jeff Kaplan has reported that they are working and will give us more information about the dates and changes as they end. He explains that the seasons usually end at the end of the month, so we can get a little idea of how much remains.

As an extra, Jeff has responded in another post stating that they are working on improving the highlights, more specifically giving players the ability to save them.


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