Joseph Staten is Working on the Story of ‘Crackdown 3’

Joseph Staten has mentioned on Twitter that he has been writing the story for Crackdown 3. We have already spoken on previous occasions, and we have said by active and passive, that this year 2017 should be a very important moment for Microsoft and the Xbox brand, since it is the time chosen by the North American company to present its new console, currently known as Project Scorpio.

The truth is that we know little of what is being prepared from Redmond, but one thing is clear, a game console needs games to back it up, and Microsoft has a lot to say in the coming months. Precisely, one of the titles that should be really important for the Xbox catalog and for its fans worldwide is ‘Crackdown 3’. And it’s been a long time, specifically since the Gamescom 2015, players haven’t seen the new installment of ‘Crackdown’.

Well, today we have had a really positive news (at least to me it seems) related to ‘Crackdown 3’, as Joseph Staten, a name that no doubt many of you know, has revealed to the world, through its official Twitter account that he is working on the story of ‘Crackdown 3’.

He also replied to a tweet where he said: “It’s going great. Super fun to play. The devs have really nailed the classic Crackdown feel.”

It is worth remembering that the last work of this artist was ‘ReCore’, and although it is not his best story, he is a man with a fantastic story behind him, which is backed up above all in the work done with the Franchise ‘Halo’ when he was part of Bungie. Later, Joseph Staten also worked on ‘Destiny’, his latest project for Bungie, before leaving the company and joining Microsoft Studios. And now will continue to expand its legacy in the world of video games with the story of ‘Crackdown 3’, something that quite possibly ends up giving a bonus to the franchise which it lacked until now.

Josep Staten is also spoken for his work done with the many novels that among other things expand the universe ‘Halo’, which are a must for all fans of the franchise. Now we just have to wait for his work in ‘Crakcdown 3’ to match those first years. From here, we will follow his work very closely.


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