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Update: Khalistan Movement Came to an End Because…

The word Khalistan is taking the internet by storm. Let us first understand what exactly is Khalistan and does Indian sikh still support khalistan movement today or it was just a dream of few separatists.

What is Khalistan?

We should know that The Khalistan movement is a nationalist movement which is of Sikhs, which seeks to create a separate country which will be called Khalistān which actually means “The Land of Khalsa” or the land of the pure people in the Punjab of South Asia. The definition in terms of boundaries of the proposed country which would be named as Khalistan will range from the region of Punjab to even the parts of states like Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, J&K. Also Chandigarh will be the capital of Khalistan if at all it is formed.

Is khalistan Movement still alive in 2020?

As far as I researched, Khalistan movement in punjab ended because it was started by few people obsessed with power. Frankly speaking, Khalistan movement was not made for sikh people and that’s the reason khalistan can never be formed in real.

Surely, It will not be formed till the whole of India and Indian states stay united. It is also important to note that even the Sikhs are not in majority in Punjab by 2020, also one should consider that Sikh population had also accounted to 57% of Sikhs in Punjab.

Khalistan movement

Where is Khalistan?

The definition in terms of boundaries of the proposed country which would be named as Khalistan will range from the region of Punjab to even the parts of states like Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, J&K. Also Chandigarh will be the capital of Khalistan if at all it is formed.

Do you want to see Khalistan Map?

Khalistan Map:

I was going through discussion on quora and I found proposed Khalistan Map:

Khalistan Movement Map

What is khalistan issue?

After partition, it was noticed that a huge population of Sikhs had migrated frm the Pakistan’s Punjab province to that of India’s. It was after India’s independence in 1947, the Punjab Suba movement which was led by Akali dal aimed to create a Punjabi majority region in India. After the Indian govt rejected the plan, they formed groups and did violent protests against the govt. due to which the partition happened in 1965 because of India-Pakistan war in 1965.

Khalistan referendum 2020 | A False Propaganda

Referendum-2020 for Khalistan as is being planned by a US-based radical group named Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) which is in support of a separate state of Khalistan, but then the Punjabi diaspora seems to be seized of the matter and is already divided on it. Gurpatwant Singh Pannun is the man behind  SFJ (Sikh for Justice) organisation and have filed referendum petition- 2020. They are in continuous process for punjab independence referendum 2020 for sikhs and it looks like that he is the only one who is working for referendum and rest are just filling the quourum.

On July 2016, Petition was filed by US based SFJ and they were managed to have only 80K signatures from all over the world which shows the validity of khalistan movement and as we knows, that all happen after 1984 riots so let’s check out what happened in 1984.

So, we are already in 2020 and there is nothing like khalistan. It’s just everyone wants justice on 1984 riots.

What happen in 1984 in punjab?

The Indian Prime Minister at the time, Indira Gandhi, ordered for the Operation Blue Star in 1984 to flush out Bhindranwale with his supporters and ordered to attack the Golden temple (which was totally wrong) and that damage was done to the holiest shrine of the Sikhs.

After which Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her two Sikh Bodyguards and it was after her death that there was a violent outburst all over the place forming the infamous 1984 Sikh riots.

At that point of time, Rajiv Gandhi said about riots “When a big tree falls, the earth shakes” and from there onwards, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun take the advantage of riots 1984 and built referendum 2020 for the justice of sikh’s life.

Who Leads Khalistan? Khalistan Leader

Paramjeet Singh Panjwar remained the head of the remaining faction of the KCF as of 2008, and was listed at that time as one of the top 10 most wanted criminals in India.

Do Sikhs still care about Khalistan movement and wants separate nation Khalistan?

Yes, it’s an obvious question “Do Sikhs support khalistan” and I want to quote answer of our Sikh brother Mr. Ajaeshwer Singh Chahal:

“It is not a simple yes or no answer. My fellow Indian sikhs, like me, love our nation and not for a second believe in khalistan. This pipe dream is only fomented by fringe groups in North America.

I am a student.

I am a sikh.

But above it all I am an Indian and a damn proud one.”

Moving forward, Avinash Jatav said:

“Sikhs are and Sikhs will be the biggest patriot , bigger then a liberal Hindu .

No one is able to false this True.”

Now, let me tell you one more thing: “Why the religion Sikh comes into existence?”

There was a time when Muslims groups attacked hindu brutally and Sikh (The Sardaar) comes into existence to save themselves, to save hindus, for protection of their land, the INDIA (to be united).

and Now, when everything is right, no sensible Sikh would support Khalistan because one knows that it does not make any sense to look at partition in terms of political, social or economic context. Sikhs are now completely integrated in the diverse multi-cultural social fabric of India, have sound political representation and are the most prosperous community in India (after Parsis who have a very small population).

Today, Indian Sikhs is working for some of the best software companies in the world in Bangalore or Hyderabad or work for some of the biggest financial firms in Mumbai or Delhi or set up a manufacturing plant catering to a market of 1.25 billion people.

Will a Sikh living in Khalistan be able to do any of the above? If anything, we Sikhs must take a look at Pakistan & learn that religion alone can not bind a nation together.

Going ahead, one asked “why can’t be khalistan an Independent state?”

Read Vasu Syal (ਵਾਸੂ ਸਿਆਲ)‘s answer to Why can’t Khalistan be an independent state? on Quora

Khalistan Movement Today – Conclusion

It is for sure that there is certainly no way that Khalistan can ever be a real nation. This has to be also taken in mind that even if Khalistan was actually even made into a nation then also it wouldn’t be able to survive for long if, there are nations like India and Pakistan. So it is highly important to point out that that Sikh referendum which is on the lines of Catalonia in Spain will not be successful now and also it should be noted that most of Sikhs will not support it as well. Thus, Khalistan is nothing but an unattainable dream of few peoples.

If you are belonging to sikh community or you have friends from Sikh family, do me a favour.

Right now, there are more than 50,000 searches daily on Khalistan movement and apart from “Sikh for Justice Group”, “Dal Khalsa International”, or most importantly, apart from pakistan, who are the guys showing interest in Khalistan?

let us know you opinion on Sikh’s Khalistan Movement – is it still alive in 2020?


  1. Paramjeet singh says

    Soon India will come on the not undermine the reality of guys and entire world will get surprise on this assault.india will divide in many countries.

  2. Baba says

    Definitely support it, raj karega khalsa.

    1. Govind Dhiman says

      Do you think Supporting the Khalistan movement is fine? As far as I know, Sikh is an integral part of India and We, being hindu, always admire Sikh community. We believe in unity and we hope same from you. Jai Hind

  3. Aman Singh says

    first improve your writing skills. oh yes national security is not your cup of tea. as far as journalism is concerned try to write about local issues like drains, water supply, electricity, employment, public health, population or if you want to be a sensational writer then you got Gau Mata, Bharat Mata, Ganga Mata, Kali Mata and with all due respect many mata ji to write upon…

    1. Govind Dhiman says

      Aman Singh, I hope you live in India and not get influenced by so-called mauvaadi. Yes, we focus on different-2 topics. Just visit the homepage and scroll down to check out the technology related news, gadgets related news and that news which is not get covered by the big media houses. No one wants to be the sensational writer by writing on Gau Mata, Bharat Mata, Ganga Mata etc but yes, we are proud of it. #JaiHind

  4. kuljeet singh says

    khalistan zindabaad. we will grab it during indo pak or indo china war

    1. Govind Dhiman says

      Kuljeet, I don’t know you but I hope you are from India and you know the progress of all sikhs in India. Let me tell you the fact – Sikh is having better pay per capita income than all Hindus average pay per capita. #JaiHind

  5. Hrishikesh Randhawa says

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
    I do not agree what all has been commented so far. Being a proud Sikh I don’t find any animosity between a common Sikh and a common Hindu. The problems have been created by radical & fundamentalists in both the communities besides the shrewd politicians for their vested interest and they have no religion or community. Now even the foreign lands have also started putting their dirty nose in the problem for their vested interest. History is witness that no country be it UK or Pak, had ever benefitted the Sikhs. England used Sikhs in world wars, during partition, even afterwards and still using them. Tell me any one instance where the Britishers have had ever stood with the Sikhs and their perspective. I ask my own community those who are vouching for the creation of Khalistan that where the real land of Khalistan exists, where Maharaja Ranjit Singh ruled? It’s the prime land of Pakistan besides certain parts in India where he ruled. Our main temple of worship exists in Pakistan. Will Pakistan give it to you so easily? If yes, then one thing is clear that there will be no Pakistan on this earth in future. Have you forgotten the pictures of partition? Pakistan is using our community and serving its end through its stooges based abroad and in India. Moreover ISIS is spreading its wings in Pakistan besides other terrorist organisations operating on its land. Will they let us live. Both the Sikh and Hindu communities will be completely washed out from this land. Our Gurus fought to save our identity and belief. They sacrificed their lives. Have we forgotten the sacrifice made by Guru Gobind Singh JI and his sahibzade at the hands of Mughals. Even Hindus have respect and belief in our Gurus.
    History has given our community many wounds and the differences have crept in after the 1984 anti-Sikh riots but the saner minds in both the communities are capable of brining both the communities together. The wounds can be healed and the culprits can be brought to justice. If we recall that period it was bad and the people were used. I have many friends who are Hindus who expressed that what had happened with Sikhs was wrong and pained at what had happened. They too are of the view that both communities should come together leaving the past difference behind and live peacefully and also work to get the culprits of 1984 carnage punished. It is we Sikhs who have to take the first step and take along the saner Hindus in this direction.
    I hope what I have said may impress some of you. Please put your comments also on what I have said.

    1. Govind Dhiman says

      I really admired your feedback. Everyone should learn from history. We did partition and we still facing the issues because of Pakistan. We Hindu and Sikh are the power of each other. We believe in each other and there is nothing like Sikh Insecurities in India and That’s the reason, there is no need of Khalistan. #JaiHind – Happy Republic Day Sir.

      1. Hrishikesh Randhawa says

        Thank you Govind for your comments but I want my Sikh brothers also to comment on the issues I have put forth. Many of them may not agree with my opinion but still want them alongwith others to atleast put there point across. I will be happy to have a chat with them even on this platform. There are other many points which I can talk to them related to Sikhs and out historical relations with Hindus. At the same time I too request my Hindu brothers to show their concern towards Sikh openly so that the myth could be cleared. I too want that the Sikh have suffered at the hands of certain elements in the country and Sikh must get justice in each one of them. We both saner Sikhs and Hindus must ensure that the communities must not be used for political gains.

        Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

        1. Govind Dhiman says

          Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

          I believe we have the best tuning all over the world when we talk about tuning in between religions. Yes, We are fed up of issues created because of political gain. Sikh must get justice and there is no doubt. Waheguru sab badia krenge

  6. Jagdish Goel says

    I agree with you – our brothers must get justice on 1984 riots but politicians ruined!

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