‘Kingdom Hearts 0.2’ Works at 900p on PS4 and 1080p on PS4 Pro

Kingdom of Hearts

This generation has put a lot of emphasis on the technical world that surrounds video games: resolutions, image rate per second and performance. It is logical that with each new launch several analysis of the games will be carried out.

There are also other blogs specialized in the technical analysis of the games, in this case we get from VGTech an analysis of ‘Kingdom Hearts 0.2’. It should be remembered that this game is part of ‘Kingdom Hearts 2.8’, which includes the 0.2 but also ‘Dream Drop Distance’. While the latter is a remastering, the former is not, so it is logical to see and render differently.

Technical section

As we can see in this analysis the game works at 900p and 30fps in its version of PS4, while in PS4 Pro works at 1080p with unlocked frame rate ranging from 45 to 60fps. The game was analyzed with patch 1.01, so it is likely that later patches will improve performance.

One of the problems that has been detected is pacing the frame, something that already happens in ‘Final Fantasy XV’. The pacing frame produces stuttering (microparts) so it can become annoying for many players.

On the other hand, the kinematics work at 1080p in both versions. Personally I believe that the developers should give options to the players, in the case of PS4 Pro should be able to block the frame rate to 30 to avoid falling problems.

‘Kingdom Hearts 0.2’ uses the Unreal Engine 4 graphics engine, as already mentioned is included in the compilation of ‘Kingdom Hearts 2.8’ and serves as a foreword to the future ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’.


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