Know your Clash Royale statistics with Starfire

Clash Royale Starfire

Clash Royale has become one of the most famous games in recent months. It’s been known that Clash Royale had surpassed Pokémon Go in 2016 and became the best game at the moment. For the people using this game, we bring you Starfire, the best way to see your stats.

Previously we have mentioned the nominees for the best games of 2017. It was not surprising to watch Supercell game as a nominee in the category for best games. We continue to watch it is the most played game both in the Google Play Store and App Store. However, the application we bring you today is only available for iOS. As for Android, we will have to resort to the web version.

Discover your Clash Royale stats with Starfire

Now, let’s learn about the web page or application that can help you discover the stats of games won and lost throughout the period of you using the game. To do this, first we need to open our Clash Royale account, select our profile, and copy the code that begins with # and that appears below our name. Once copied, open Starfire and paste it where it shows you to.

Clash Royale stats

If done properly you will get a new tab where you can see exactly how many games you have lost and won, as well as the games you have won with three crowns. To the right is a decks part that will display the last deck played. This application or website does not have large memory, so it will only let us see the last decks used in two months.

Additionally, we will also know what our next safe will. However, this is not 100% accurate as it has been discovered many times on Reddit. This discovery was mainly due to the user who had guessed the cycle of coffers in the game. However, Supercell has repeatedly commented explaining that it is more complex than this even though the coffers of type silver or gold will always hit. The hard thing is to hit when you get a magical, super magic or legendary chest.

For all the lovers of Clash Royale, Starfire is a perfect application. With all the statistics (note that it is rare not to put Supercell in the default game), the cycle of coffers and your latest decks, one can become a better player knowing a lot more about themselves and the game. One can even motivate themselves by watching how little is left for a big safe.

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