Konami multiplies its profits despite the fall in revenues

Konami despite the drop in revenues has managed to make profits. Now that Konami has been around for a long time with a complete change of course, now their strategy involves low-cost and rapid developments of mobile games such as pachinko or small titles for consoles using their intellectual properties are prioritized.

It is true that the users have criticized them a lot for leaving almost fully the traditional video game market and go to mobile phones and pachinko, but their monetary reasons have made them to do so.

Now, a major news about Konami that has been releases is that the company has managed to make profits even after a fall in their revenues.

If anything can be summarized Konami’s strategy is to reduce development costs to focus on titles that provide money on a continuous basis, such as the pachinko, recreational as the recently announced ‘Bombergirl’, ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ with micro-transactions that come out each year, or the ‘Metal Gear Survive’ that reuses much of the elements of ‘Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’.

All of this has meant that at the end of the last fiscal quarter, although revenues fell by more than eight percent, profits grew by 229%, that is, they tripled despite raising less money. This data almost consolidates the strategy of Konami that is not prepared for the current market of games of high caliber in console and prefer to focus on games of mobile.


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