Konami updates Super Bomberman R and improves the control of characters

Super Bomberman R for Nintendo switch

Bomberman has returned and has made it into one of the premiere videogames of Nintendo Switch. Konami today announced the release of a new update that has fixed a series of problems that were detected after its launch on 3 March.
Konami has released a patch to solve some problems of exit of Super Bomberman R. After the launch of this game, the first Bomberman title not owned by Hudson, some users reported control problems, particularly in online mode. Konami has announced on its website that today will be published a patch to solve problems of character control, latency and gameplay, both in online and offline modes. This is, they say, the first of a series of patches intended to improve the game.

The Japanese firm says:

“With this update, the control problems experienced by some players during online games have been greatly reduced.”

They also guaranteed that “this is the first of many updates that will focus on improving the Super Bomberman R online experience.” Konami thanked the players for the support that the franchise has received after their desired return. They have not specified anything about the hypothetical additions that could be added to the video game in the coming months.
The information has been shared through the official Japanese game site, where it is confirmed yesterday about this update. At the moment it is officially released for both European and American territory. As for the patch itself, Konami has shared that the improvements focus on the gameplay, control of the characters in both local and online game.


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