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A New Clash royale private server version 2.2.1 with clan wars has been launched by Nulls which is the latest version of Clash Royale. nulls royale is one of the most awaited servers by many users and just going to be one of the favorite clash royale private servers for the players who use to play clash of clans. The question arises in most of the user’s mind is what is new in this server or what updates they will get on this server. Here in this article, we will discuss all the updates available on this server and the features you will get in it.

Before proceeding further, we want to clarify you that our content or site is not affiliated or endorsed or sponsored by Supercell. This article is just for information purpose.

Nulls Royale Private Server – About:

Nulls have recently launched the updated version of Clash Royale that is 2.2.1 and all the new features are available in Clash Royale. Although there are many bugs that need to be fixed and a scope of improvement is also present in Clash Royale Server. The battles in Clash of Clans are against the real players in the game who are also using the server that you are using. They are also in the new tournament and challenges as you are.

Nulls Royale Server- Features:

There are 2 servers of Null, One is free while another one is paid. As usual, the paid server is enriched with more features and cards with more resources available in them as compared to the Free server. Recently they have merged both the servers due to which the premium cards are also available in the free server but there is the premium server as well that is equipped with Touchdown mode that made the paid server different from a free server. In the private server, quests are available and some premium cards are also available in it. The server is powered by unlimited gems and all the cards available on the servers are locked. You need to unlock them by opening the chests available on the server.

Along with this, the special events and tournaments are also locked. You will start your game from level 3 and you need to reach at level 5 to unlock it. It may look like that the touchdown mode is not added yet that will be added soon according to Nulls. The new touchdown mode will be added along with new clash royale cards.

In the new server, you will get the completely new and original experience that you never had before. You will win or lose trophies whenever you won or lose any game.

How to Add Color Messages:

To write the messages in different color, you need to write the message in code. We have mentioned the code below:

<cX>My Message</cX>

There are 3 colors available in which you can write any message that is (2- Red, 3- Green, 4 – Blue).

Where X is the value of color available in it. Like you want to write your message in Green you need to follow this:

Input : <c3> My Message </c3>

Output: My Message

Skin Commands in New Server:

There are few commands for the skin of game is also available on the new server. You can change the color of skin available in the game as well. All you need is to type the given command below:

  • /skin – standard skin
  • /skin gold – skin skin
  • /skin gem – skin with gems
  • /skin pump

Chat Commands in New Server:

There are some chat commands also available in the new server which you need to apply in the new chat rooms instead of old global chat

  • / cglobal – go to this chat
  • / cclan – exit this chat (the clan’s chat returns).

One can enter into chat or exit the chat using these commands

Updates in Nulls Server:

The last change has been made in June 2018 that are mentioned below:

  • Bugs are fixed
  • Queen Archers are added for Premium Players
  • King of Barbarians are added for every user

You can also get King and Archer Card as well, All you need is to type King to get King Card and Archer to Get Archer Card.

If you get the error that you are banned, then you just need to go clear the data, uninstall the data and then you need to reinstall the data as well.

Nulls Royale Private Server – Installation Process:

  1. Firstly you need to download and install the app in your device
  2. You need to update the app but make sure that while installing, do not close the app and you have an active internet connection with fast connectivity.

Nulls Royale Server- Errors:

Nulls royale server is known for its stability and it is one of the smoothest server available online. It is a powerful dedicated server that can host the game unlike the game is hosted on multiple servers.

We hope that you will not receive any issue in it but if you do get, you can let us know in the comment box given below and our team will surely try to help you with that.


This is all the information you should know about Nulls Royale Private server. If you need any other help or want to know more about this, you can post your query and will surely help you with that.


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