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What are the League of Legends Champions 2019 (List of LOL champions)

you must know that League of Legends Champions game is a gamer delight and addiction globally. 

You will find multiple 2 game modes in the League of Legends Champions. The most famous mode is FIVE vs FIVE. Your battle there is on Summoners Rift.

You get to have each of your teams with five players control a single champion each.

Currently, you will find 142 League of Legends champions. But, with whatever information we game sweepers have found here is the scoop for the League of Legends Champions. 

How to play league of legends: (LOL Beginners guide)

League of Legends Champions 2019 List
What are the League of Legends Champions 2019

 League of Legends Champions 2019 List

Pyke: The Bloodharbor Ripper

here you get, Pyke generally abandoned by his crew and drowned. He is driven mad with revenge, a revenant of the deep stalks cripples and kills everyone. Fun eh?

Abilities: Gift of the Drowned Ones, Bone Skewer, Ghostwater Dive, Phantom Undertow, Death From Below

Irelia: The Blade Dancer

You will find that Irelia uses the traditional dance moves of Ionia to levitate an array of deadly blades. Her graceful movements may seem tranquil at first, but a furious tempest awaits anyone who tries to threaten her home.

Abilities: Equilibrium strike, Bladesurge, Transcendent blades, Ionian fervor, Hiten style

Kai’Sa: Daughter of the Void

You will see that Kai’sa is one of the champions who survive among predators.

Kai’sa has two passives: the first is Caustic Wounds and the second one is Living Weapon. Her basic attacks mark enemies with Plasma, dealing and increasing bonus damage per stack.

Abilities: Second Skin, Icathian rain, Void Seeker, Supercharge, Killer Instinct

Swain: The Noxian Grand General

Swain’s passive, Ravenous Flock has two components. He can also store a bunch of Soul Fragments.

Second, you find, right-clicking any nearby immobilized enemy champion damages them, drag them towards Swain, and rips out a Soul Fragment.

Abilities: Decrepify, Ravenous flock, Carrion renewal, Torment, Nevermove

Aatrox: The Darkin Blade

A fallen God warrior bound to an ancient weapon, you find that Aatrox is hellbent on bringing total obliteration. Aatrox weapon plays the most important role in the game than himself.

Abilities: World Ender, Infernal Chains, The Darkin Blade, Umbral Dash, Deathbringer Stance

Nunu & Willump

Nunu is a cute small fighter and Willump is her friend who the biggest hero of Snowball battle. They are adventures, fearless and follow the Call of the Freljord.


How to play league of legends: (LOL Beginners guide)

Here is the full list of League of Legends Champions

  1. Aatrox
  2. Ahri
  3. Akali
  4. Alistar
  5. Amumu
  6. Anivia
  7. Annie
  8. Ashe
  9. Aurelion Sol
  10. Azir
  11. Bard
  12. Blitzcrank
  13. Brand
  14. Braum
  15. Caitlyn
  16. Camille
  17. Cassiopeia
  18. Cho’Gath
  19. Corki
  20. Darius
  21. Diana
  22. Dr. Mundo
  23. Draven
  24. Ekko
  25. Elise
  26. Evelynn
  27. Ezreal
  28. Fiddlesticks
  29. Fiora
  30. Fizz
  31. Galio
  32. Gangplank
  33. Garen
  34. Gnar
  35. Gragas
  36. Graves
  37. Hecarim
  38. Heimerdinger
  39. Illaoi
  40. Irelia
  41. Ivern
  42. Janna
  43. Jarvan IV
  44. Jax
  45. Jayce
  46. Jhin
  47. Jinx
  48. Kai’Sa
  49. Kalista
  50. Karma
  51. Karthus
  52. Kassadin
  53. Katarina
  54. Kayle
  55. Kayn
  56. Kennen
  57. Kha’Zix
  58. Kindred
  59. Kled
  60. Kog’Maw
  61. LeBlanc
  62. Lee Sin
  63. Leona
  64. Lissandra
  65. Lucian
  66. Lulu
  67. Lux
  68. Malphite
  69. Malzahar
  70. Maokai
  71. Master Yi
  72. Miss Fortune
  73. Mordekaise
  74. Morgana
  75. Nami
  76. Nasus
  77. Nautilus
  78. Neeko
  79. Nidalee
  80. Nocturne
  81. Nunu & Willump
  82. Olaf
  83. Orianna
  84. Ornn
  85. Pantheon
  86. Poppy
  87. Pyke
  88. Quinn
  89. Rakan
  90. Rammus
  91. Rek’Sai
  92. Renekton
  93. Rengar
  94. Riven
  95. Rumble
  96. Ryze
  97. Sejuani
  98. Shaco
  99. Shen
  100. Shyvana
  101. Singed
  102. Sion
  103. Sivir
  104. Skarner
  105. Sona
  106. Soraka
  107. Swain
  108. Syndra
  109. Tahm Kench
  110. Taliyah
  111. Talon
  112. Taric
  113. Teemo
  114. Thresh
  115. Tristana
  116. Trundle
  117. Tryndamere
  118. Twisted Fate
  119. Twitch
  120. Udyr
  121. Urgot
  122. Varus
  123. Vayne
  124. Veigar
  125. Vel’Koz
  126. Vi
  127. Viktor
  128. Vladimir
  129. Volibear
  130. Warwick
  131. Wukong
  132. Xayah
  133. Xerath
  134. Xin Zhao
  135. Yasuo
  136. Yorick
  137. Zac
  138. Zed
  139. Ziggs
  140. Zilean
  141. Zoe
  142. Zyra


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