‘League of Legends’: The Next World Championship Will be Held in China

Although in recent times it is not as relevant as it was 2 or 3 years ago, ‘League of Legends’ remains at the top of electronic sports and with a gigantic player base. Riot Games has achieved what they wanted, to standardize the eSports with their game and they continue being celebrated through worldwide championships. All this seasoned by constant changes in the characters, the addition of the same, or in the rules of the game, which usually changes every season.

As we are told in The Rift Herald, a portal dedicated exclusively to Riot Games’ MOBA and everything related to it, especially in electronic sports, the next League of Legends world championships will be held in China. The company itself has announced it, also accompanied by the date, from September 23 to November 4.

The motive behind this election is more than obvious: China is the country with the most players of ‘LoL’ in the world and where more and more players join for the electronic sport of this MOBA. In The Rift Herald they detail the structure of this competition, which will expand with respect to the views previously.

The final will be disputed in the national stadium of Peking, mainly known like the Nest of the Bird, by its form. This is where the Olympic Games of 2008 was held, and since then has been without a doubt the most emblematic field for the whole country. Now, almost a decade after its inauguration, it will host the finals of one of the most important video games in the world.


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