Top 6 Tips & Tricks to Learn | How to Win Game Quickly is the simplest and yet most addictive game on the internet and mobile devices in these days. The game is very popular and here we have shared everything that you need to know about the game. How to play, where to get the best extensions for, tips and tricks for you to get ahead in the game, how to get numerous other skins and mods in the game.

What is is a mobile game that is a combination of the classic snake game and the elements from the popular Agario mobile and web browser hit. In, you are a snake. And your goal is to be a longest snake without touching yourself and other snakes.

Playing is so much simple and indulging.

  1. To download the game, go to the in the browser or download the game from the Apple or Google Play store on mobile devices.
  2. You will be asked to choose a username for you. Once you have easily signed in, you will be landed on a black board as a tiny little worm like snake.
  3. You are that little worm type snake who is supposed to consume the colored dots that are lying around the screen to become a longer snake. You got to avoid the other snakes on the screen. Unlike Agario, in, your size will not be of advantage to you. Any snake of any size can kill you if you touch them. When you touch the other snakes, you become a massive line of colored dots and the snake grabs you up.
  4. While playing on computers, you will have to manage navigation with the left and right arrows. On mobile, you just need to tap your finger in the direction you want to move.

Download for PC: Click here. Tricks and Hacks

Anyone can win this game easily by using some tricks. These tricks add more amusement to the player. So you are provided six unique tips and tricks. Trick 1:

Eat to get lengthy and dodge

You can eat the balls at the beginning to increase your size, but don’t roam all over. Dodge the ball with proper moves. Trick 2:

Once you achieve certain length, Wrap Around yourself

This trick has to be practiced and learned. Once in a game, you have achieved the certain size, you need to wrap around yourself. You have to do this by tricking other snakes and eating your dots. You have to practice this wrap around technique. Wrap around technique is, to find a smaller snake that is approaching towards you and try to wrap yourself in such a way that the other snake has to run into you. Keep circling the other snake till they have to run into you. Trick 3:

Try Dashing or Speeding

Try to dash on your mobile by simply double tapping and holding on the screen. On the computer desktop, dash by holding down the left-click button of the mouse. Dash action causes you to dash quickly in a direction till you let it go. Dashing will make you easier to encircle the targeted enemy snake. Trick 4:

Try Outrunning Longer Snakes

Dashing works well on longer snakes. As the longer ones move slowly, dashing technique works better on them than the wrapping around technique. Trick 5:

When longer Snakes die, Stay at The Back to eat them

If a longer snake dies in front of you, do not hustle to grab it. Be the last one to approach, to avoid many further mess. Trick 6:

When You become lengthy, Stay on The Edges and Stick Your Head in the Sand.

To avoid the clash arising due to length stay on the edges. There are quite more chances that you will collide yourself with any other snake. It is, therefore, a better option to stay on edges and keep your head stuck in the sand. Extensions is newly emerged game. There is no existing extension for the game yet. However, seeing the response that the game has gotten, there are fair chances to get an extension soon. Stay tuned with us to get updates about extensions. Skins 

To get variety of skins for a snake who is indeed you, you just need to hover to the lower right-hand side corner of the screen to find out sharing options. Once you share the game successfully, go back to and to the lower left-hand side corner, you will get an option to Change the skin. Explore the options available to choose your own skin.

Conclusion is the addictive game with a lot many variations and updates to come. There are various launches in the game that yet to announce. Stay tuned with us for more updates and get to know the latest trends and tricks.



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